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Persons in PersonAttributes PersonAttributes
birthdate birthplace gender person age
   Benjamin "Benny" Delahauf Foulois
1879-12-09 Washington M Benjamin "Benny" Delahauf Foulois
   Louise Tharp
1843-03-01 Washington F Louise Tharp
   Susan Ford
1957-07-06 Washington F Susan Ford
   Lawson Wolf
1837-08-12 Washington M Lawson Wolf
   Helen Palmer Dawes
1869 Washington F Helen Palmer Dawes
   Agnes "Christine" Leonard
1912-09-08 Washington F Agnes "Christine" Leonard
   John Dillon Leonard
1939-02-25 Washington M John Dillon Leonard
   William Edward
1878-07-25 Washington M William Edward
   Henry C. DeMille
1853-09-17 Washington M Henry C. DeMille
   Carla C. DeLange
1934-11-01 Washington F Carla C. DeLange
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