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PersonCareer of Bishop

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Organizations in PersonCareer PersonCareer
country city person organization company provinceorstate position careertype status
   Church of England's Board of Education
John Pritchard Church of England's Board of Education Channel 4 News Bishop professional current
   MinistriesWellness Ministry
Keith Butler MinistriesWellness Ministry Bishop professional past
   Antiquarian Club
George Forrest Browne Antiquarian Club St Thomas Church Bishop professional current
   Roman Catholic Church
John Paul II Roman Catholic Church The Evangelical Alliance UK Bishop professional current
   Church of England
Katharine Jefferts Schori Church of England Bishop professional current
   Pontifical Council for the Laity
Josef Clemens Pontifical Council for the Laity East Timor 1946 Bishop professional current
   Manchester Grammar School
Hugh Oldham Manchester Grammar School The Oldham Partnership Bishop professional current
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