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date person changetype employmentchangestatus organization company position
   Hannon's regiment
1863-12-16 Moses Wright Hannon leaves announced Hannon's regiment Colonel
   29th Mississippi Infantry
1862-04-11 Edward Cary Walthall enters announced 29th Mississippi Infantry Colonel
   Union Army's 33rd Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment
1862-10-18 Jonathan Baker Moore enters announced Union Army's 33rd Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment Colonel
   13th U.S. Infantry
1863-07-04 John P. Sanderson enters announced 13th U.S. Infantry Colonel
   2nd Infantry Regiment
1805-09-07 Thomas Humphrey Cushing enters announced 2nd Infantry Regiment Colonel
   13th Maine Infantry
1861-11-23 Neal S. Dow enters announced 13th Maine Infantry Colonel
   6th United States Infantry
1847-04-09 Albert Ramsey enters announced 6th United States Infantry Colonel
   Twenty-sixth Regiment
1861-08-27 Zebulon Baird Vance enters announced Twenty-sixth Regiment Colonel
   2nd Tennessee Cavalry Regiment
1862-05-24 Ashby Henry Marshall Ashby enters announced 2nd Tennessee Cavalry Regiment Colonel
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