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Organizations in PersonCareer PersonCareer
country city person organization company provinceorstate position careertype status
   Commission of Fine Arts
David E. Finley Commission of Fine Arts National Gallery Director professional current
   Finance Committee
Benjamin Moore Finance Committee Hopkins Director professional past
   Compensation and Audit Committees of Acura Pharmaceuticals
Bruce (Toby) Wesson Compensation and Audit Committees of Acura Pharmaceuticals Chemtura Corporation Director professional current
   Audit Committee
Dillon Audit Committee Goodwin Procter LLP Director professional current
   Executive Committee
Charles K. Gifford Executive Committee BnkBoston Director professional past
   Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
Laban P. Jackson , Jr. Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland JPMorgan Chase Bank NA Director professional past
   Judiciary Committee
Christopher Nolan Judiciary Committee Warner Bros. Director professional current
   Barber Institute
Bodkin Barber Institute Russell Group Director professional current
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