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EmploymentRelation of Governor

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Person_employers in EmploymentRelation EmploymentRelation
person_employer date position person_employee status
   Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson 1806 Governor Meriwether Lewis
   Raymond Philip Shafer
Raymond Philip Shafer 1968 Governor Nelson Rockefeller
   James Polk
James Polk 1845-11-08 Governor James Clarke
   John Adams
John Adams 1801 Governor William Henry Harrison
Term 1997-12-10 Governor Barbara J. Pariente
   William McKinley
William McKinley 1875 Governor Rutherford B. Hayes
   Franklin D. Roosevelt
Franklin D. Roosevelt 1933 Governor Henry Morgenthau , Jr.
   Ulysses S. Grant
Ulysses S. Grant 1873 Governor Alexander Robey Shepherd
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