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Companies in EmploymentChange EmploymentChange
date person changetype employmentchangestatus organization company position
1893-01-03 Alpheus Branch leaves announced BB&T founder
   Pan American World Airways
1983-05-12 Juan Terry Trippe leaves announced Pan American World Airways founder
   Interface Inc.
2011-08-08 Ray Anderson leaves announced Interface Inc. founder
   Sam Walton
Samuel Moore Walton leaves announced Sam Walton founder
   Schenley Industries Inc.
1976-01-21 Lewis S. Rosenstiel leaves announced Schenley Industries Inc. founder
   Taste Unlimited
2011-06-29 Peter Coe leaves announced Taste Unlimited founder
   Israel Aircraft Industries
2014-08-22 Adolph William Schwimmer leaves announced Israel Aircraft Industries founder
1974-11-26 Cyril Vernon Connolly leaves announced Horizon founder
   Earth Day
2005-07-03 Gaylord Nelson leaves announced Earth Day founder
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