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person_employer date position person_employee status
   Ernest A. Balch
Ernest A. Balch 1921-11 mayor Cornelius Verburg
   Silverio Vega
Silverio Vega 2011-05-10 mayor Roque Felix Roque Felix
   Cory Aquino
Cory Aquino 1988 mayor Lucila
   Andrew Cuomo
Andrew Cuomo 2010 mayor Bob Duffy
   Christine Beatty
Christine Beatty 2009-03-16 mayor Kwame Kilpatrick
   Anthony Allen Williams
Anthony Allen Williams 2006 mayor Washington D. C. Seine Amtszeit
   Eduard Shevardnadze
Eduard Shevardnadze 1992-02-10 mayor Guram Gabiskiria
   Larry O'Connor
Larry O'Connor 2011-03-28 mayor Terry Clayton
   Manuel L. Quezon
Manuel L. Quezon 1941 mayor Jorge B. Vargas
   Yasser Arafat
Yasser Arafat 2000 mayor Samir Mohammed Azayiza
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