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1 a joint commentary for Le Monde calling for greater EU-NATO cooperation and integration Angela Merkel Chancellor 10 found
2 Europe as a whole needs to move Angela Merkel Chancellor 7 found
3 Germany's Merkel Sees Need to Cooperate With Russia on Syria Germany and other Western European powers need to work with Russia as well as the United States to solve the crisis in Syria Angela Merkel Chancellor 5 found
4 to protect the union of 17 countries that use the euro Angela Merkel chancellor 4 found
5 the answer to Europe Union's problems is more political integration. Angela Merkel Chancellor 4 found
6 against severing ties with Russian President Vladimir Putin over the Ukraine crisis but said he must also do his part Angela Merkel Chancellor 4 found
7 Germany will never abandon Israel but will remain a true friend and partner Angela Merkel first head of government 3 found
8 her country's unwavering support for Israel in a landmark address to parliament, as she wrapped up a visit 60 years after the Jewish state was founded in the wake of the Nazi Holocaust Angela Merkel Chancellor 3 found
9 Greece's international bailout must be accelerated for the sake of the entire euro zone, as the far bigger Spanish economy suffered a credit rating downgrade. Angela Merkel Chancellor 3 found
10 it has not been an easy decision to impose sanctions on Russia for a referendum in Crimea Angela Merkel Chancellor 3 found
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