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11 she opposes sending arms to Ukraine because it would be a signal the conflict has a military solution Angela Merkel Chancellor 3 found
12 her coalition and the opposition had agreed Sunday to nominate former East German rights activist Joachim Gauck as a consensus candidate to become the country's next president Angela Merkel Chancellor 3 found
13 all the euro-zone's debt woes would be resolved by then. Angela Merkel spokesman for German Chancellor 3 found
14 she will tackle US President Barack Obama on the scale of American online surveillance, and call for "transparency" on its scope as she hosts him in Berlin this week Angela Merkel Chancellor 3 found
15 Greece's international bailout must be accelerated for the sake of the entire euro zone, as the far bigger Spanish economy suffered a credit rating downgrade Angela Merkel Chancellor 3 found
16 Russia allow its former territories, particularly Ukraine, to exercise the sovereign right to make alliances as they choose, in her first speech to the German Parliament since winning the general election. Angela Merkel Chancellor 3 found
17 new military operations in several regions near the Ukrainian border Angela Merkel Chancellor 3 found
18 not to rush into a new data privacy law Angela Merkel Chancellor 3 found
19 she considered Gaddafi's Tuesday speech as the equivalent of "him declaring war on his own people" Angela Merkel Chancellor 3 found
20 once the most important international player in the Syrian conflict Angela Merkel Professor 3 found
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