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1 against partisan politics and foreign entanglements George Washington President 4 found
2 to him asking him to accept a seat in his Cabinet as Secretary of State George Washington President 3 found
3 Don???t confuse his method of healing with Mrs. Eddy???s Christian Science, so far as her religious teachings go....; The religion which she teaches certainly is hers, for which I cannot be too thankful. George Washington Quimby's son 3 found
4 he would only be a President George Washington King 2 found
5 To solve this George Washington General 2 found
6 after traveling through Fairfield that "the destructive evidences of British cruelty are yet visible both in Norwalk and Fairfield; as there are the chimneys of many burnt houses standing in them yet. George Washington President 2 found
7 officers act as gentlemen , soldiers obey those whom Congress had set over them, and the army be subordinate to civil authority. George Washington veteran 2 found
8 he would not run for a third term, a caucus of Federalists in Congress selected Vice President Adams as their presidential candidate. George Washington President 2 found
9 of him and the problems he could pose to American security George Washington day and even President 2 found
10 the French to withdraw George Washington Major 2 found
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