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11 Unfortunately, nearly two weeks after the events in Colombia, the briefers sent by the Department of Defense were woefully unprepared to answer even the most basic questions about what happened in Cartagena, and provided appallingly little new information other than the mechanics and timeline of the ongoing investigation. John McCain Senator 2 found
12 We can't win John McCain Senator 2 found
13 this past Sunday he was “ glad to have ” — told NPR’s Terry Gross that “Hurricane Katrina was, in fact, the judgment of God against the city of New Orleans John McCain Senator 2 found
14 Cost overruns on big-ticket Pentagon projects have left the U.S. military facing a budgetary "train wreck" at a time of growing budget deficits John McCain Senator 2 found
15 the deaths of two fellow Weather Underground members – skipping over the fact that they blew themselves up while trying to make bombs – and painted his actions as a heroic bid to end U.S. involvement in Vietnam John McCain Senator 1 found
16 Parties before the Board, whether union or employer, have a right to a fair and impartial tribunal; The confirmation of an officer and associate general counsel of two of our nation's largest unions for a term on the National Labor Relations Board will make the appearance of justice and many of the decisions in which he participates impossible to achieve. John McCain Senator 1 found
17 had he won the presidential election in 2000, he would’ve been more hesitant about sending troops to Iraq. John McCain Senator 1 found
18 Iran poses a greater danger to the United States than Iraq at this point and must be contained. John McCain Senator 1 found
19 the historic nature of President-elect Barack Obama's win and what it symbolizes for race relations in this country John McCain Senator 1 found
20 “The good news is I think there will be more indictments John McCain Senator 1 found
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