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1 thanks, but no thanks, on that bridge to nowhere. Sarah Palin candidate 6 found
2 she was driving to Anchorage to shop at Costco Sarah Palin commercial fisherman 3 found
3 the slur and then laughed loudly as her meal mates joined in appreciatively Sarah Palin Governor 3 found
4 her previous experience as mayor was “sort of like a ‘community organizer,’ except that you have actual responsibilities,” [Obama’s] supporters have been furiously spinning this one. Sarah Palin Governor 2 found
5 her daughter Bristol was five months pregnant with Johnston's baby and that the two were engaged. Sarah Palin presidential candidate 2 found
6 made mistakes, and I've learned from those mistakes. Sarah Palin Governor 2 found
7 her in July to apologize for her handling of the dismissal of the state's public safety commissioner and warned that the matter could snowball into a bigger scandal Sarah Palin Governor 2 found
8 to sell the jet once she became governor Sarah Palin successor 2 found
9 her relatives against trying to get Wooten fired, according to court records Sarah Palin governor , a judge 2 found
10 Wooten in conversations regarding specific legislation, including a proposed 99 year sentence for police officers who commit murder, and a proposed law designed to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill.  Mike Wooten also continued to be the subject of inter-office memos, emails, and conversations between various state officials and members of Gov. Palin's staff.  Obviously Palin and her family still felt (rightly or wrongly) that Wooten was Sarah Palin Governor 2 found
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