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Information about United States

diplomatic relations of United States

United States condemnation G-20 (Washington, 2008-11-15)    |  Jeremiah A. Wright Jr opposition United States (Iraq, 2003-00-00)    |  United States sanction Century 21 (Seattle, 1962-00-00)    |  Charles Liteky protest United States (Central America, 1986-07-00)    |  Norway rejection United States (Iraq, 2004-06-00) 

natural disasters of United States

United States earthquake The church was damaged (1880-00-00)    |  United States volcanic eruption damaged Clark Air Base (1991-07-00)    |  United States earthquake killed about 67,000 people and left some 600,000 homeless (1970-00-00)    |  United States hurricane killed approximately 8,000 people (possibly as many as 12,000) (1900-00-00)    |  United States flood had left 25 million people homeless (1988-00-00) 

manmade disasters of United States

fire in United States 1879-00-00    |  fire in United States 2015-01-01    |  explosion in United States 1980-00-00    |  fire in United States 2012-03-09    |  fire in United States 1851-00-00 

travels of United States

Arthur Simon to United States (1903-00-00)    |  Nada Nadim Prouty to United States (1989-06-24)    |  Considering Kroupa to United States (2000-00-00)    |  Vladimir K. Zworykin to United States (1918-00-00)    |  Carmichael Stokely Carmichael to Conakry, West Africa (1969-00-00) 

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